Executive Search Firm Testimonials

DK Cole is an executive search partner.  I have worked with the company as a candidate and a client.  I always have been impressed with how perceptive and engaged the company staff is.  They take the time to clearly define what our company needs and what I want.  They re-calibrate after interviews and then find candidates that fit even better.  We talk continuously through the process.  This time comes back to us in the quality of candidates we see and the performance of those we hire.  We have developed an invaluable and growing business partnership, one that has been so successful that it also evolved into a personal friendship

– Chief Financial Officer, Todd Gierke, Curran Group – Client

An understanding of how a company functions and appreciating its culture are vital to any successful executive search.  Achieving this level of understanding is hard work and requires a long-term commitment.  But, it pays off.  DK Cole has made that commitment with our company.  DK Cole understands our culture and continually works to deepen that understanding.  The company knows that for us cultural fit is often more important than a candidate’s capability.   This connection with us means that DK Cole can and does regularly present us with multiple qualified candidates to choose from for every search. This makes the whole process predictable and successful.

– Co-Presidnet, Mike Curran, Curran Group – Client

What separates high quality executive search firms from others is whether the firm is truly committed to the industries it serves.   It’s a commitment well beyond any specific search.  It’s a commitment to the growth and health of an entire industry.  DK Cole makes that commitment to the industries it serves.  That is particularly true in construction.  Kathy Cole, the company president, has been the driving force behind the “Build Chicago Award,” the Chicago Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association’s hallmark recognition and annual event.

– Sr. Vice President, Bill Reidinger, Assurance Agency – Client

Executive search works best when a company and its search firm have built a strong personal relationship.  It creates trust that makes a complicated, critical hire much easier and smoother to execute.  DK Cole took the time to learn our business, ask the right questions, and develop a search plan that we had confidence would work.  They provide us fully vetted candidates.  They have become a full service staffing counsel.  They are embedded as part of our team.

– Director, Martin Wilson, Pernix Corp. – Client

I’ve worked with DK Cole  for many years, and their knowledge of the employment market within the accounting and construction industries far exceeds my expectations. Our firm has used DK Cole for two searches, and each time she worked to understand the culture and technical needs of our firm and delivered excellent candidates. She operates with a high level of integrity always ensuring that the candidates presented will be the right “fit” both for the candidate and the client.

– Managing Partner, CPA Firm – Client

DK Cole took the time to understand, not just the technical aspect of our position, but the ‘management style’ and cultural values we needed to make progress with that position, and it paid off with the right fit.

 – CFO, Public Insurance Company – Client

Your recruiter is the ultimate professional. DK Cole was one of three search firms which recently provided us with candidates for a job opportunity. DK Cole referred several quality candidates and in the end we hired one of her references. She also followed up after the hire to ensure a great fit for both our company and the employee. We would hire DK Cole for our future search needs.

 – Owner, Mechanical Contractor – Client

Your recruiter is an amazing talent scout. . . His first priority is identifying high potential professionals with a high level of leadership capability.

– CEO, Private Equity Firm – Client

We have worked with DK Cole over the past two years in both the employment market and as a human resources sounding board. They have a superior understanding of the marketplace and are adept at fitting the right person with the right firm.

 Managing Partner CPA Firm – Client 

. . . I had spoken with several recruiters in the past few months, and I have to admit that no one has gone the extra mile in trying to fully understand my professional and educational background…I liked the way you’ve asked several questions that showed met you are putting the extra time and effort. . .

– Lead Construction Estimator – Candidate 

Whether you are searching for a new job, or searching for the perfect addition to your team — you will not find a better partner than DK Cole Company.  This topic is so important — making the best hiring decision, or finding the best company and best people to match your core values… It takes time, effort, expertise, and most importantly a personal connection to achieve the goal.  I’ve learned from working with DK Cole for ten years, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager, to set that bar very high. DK Cole always finds a way to exceed my ever-growing expectations.

 – CFO, Manufacturing Holding Company – Client

Thanks for helping me and for your insight into the transitional period that would have come with leaving my job without having another one. I’m accepting the CFO position.

 – CFO – Candidate

I am especially pleased with the recruiter’s judgment to think “outside the box” and give me a chance, even though I do not have an Accounting Degree.  Your two DK Cole recruiters are the best recruiters I have dealt with in my current and past job searches.  You have two very good employees there! 

 – Staff Accountant Candidate – Candidate

The recruiter was a pleasure to deal with. She was always on top of things, always kept appointments, and she made the transition for me very comfortable (seeing how I have not changed jobs in 13 ½ years). Her knowledge and resources really helped me in making my ultimate decision. Your recruiter is a very valuable resource.

– Project Accountant – Candidate

You did such a great job helping me!

 – Inside Sales Specialist – Candidate

I thank you very much for all your advice and coaching through the process!

 – Project Controls Manager – Candidate

I found your enthusiasm very motivating, and I really appreciate it.

 Construction Safety Manager – Candidate

Your recruiter is an amazing talent scout. . . His first priority is identifying high potential professionals with a high level of leadership capability.

 Insurance Industry CFO – Client