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Should You Accept a Counteroffer?

Career opportunities become more plentiful for accountants during the fourth quarter, so if you’re considering a career move,

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Some People Just Want to be WANTED!

I’m reminded of a true story that highlights the similarities between an individual’s employer relationship and their romantic relationships.

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Small Town Gen Y Girl Makes it Big!

Recently, a successful young lady, who I would regard as a “daughter,” (Oops, I just admitted I’m old enough to have a 28 year old daughter) was able to spend some fun time with me en route to visit her real mom.

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“Two Out of Three Ain’t Good!”

The following story shows how the most experienced hiring managers can turn off great candidates. 

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Managing Your Career Proactively

During the economic downturn, it was sad for us to hear the stories of many talented long time employees who were let go as their employer closed its doors or could no longer pay their salaries.

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