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Who We Represent

If you’re an executive or an accounting professional at any level, we may have a career opportunity for your consideration. Our candidates represent a diverse group of industries from manufacturing, construction and financial services, to professional services and technology. If you want to be proactive in managing your career, regardless of economic conditions, networking with a good executive search consultant can be part of a good overall strategy, increasing the odds of hearing about the right opportunities.

How We Work With You

In most cases, clients are working confidentially or exclusively with us, and they are relying on us to find high quality, and sometimes unique, talent to fit their role. Our philosophy is our searches are successful only if everyone wins . . . you, our client and us. We achieve this three-part win by 1) Helping you quickly evaluate the position and the organization 2) Help you understand if, and how, the position would move your career in the direction you want to go. 3) Ensure your values and the client’s values are aligned and whether you would thrive in their culture. That’s why we always keep your best interest at heart with everything we do!

What You Can Expect

One of the most important aspects of considering a career move is confidentiality. You can rely on our experienced consultants to be discreet, professional and respectful of your time. All we ask in return is open, honest communication at all times and to respect our role in the process. Our expertise in managing the interview process (something we do daily) ensures the best possible outcome for you and our client. While we don’t always get feedback as soon as we’d like, we provide the feedback as soon as we receive it.

If you’re a top performer, we want to know about you and have your resume on file, whether we have an immediate client need or not. Then if the right opportunity crosses our desks, we’ll contact you immediately for an in depth discussion.

Outstanding talent is overlooked every day, because of an interview mistake or a resume issue. Take the time to review the interview tips on this page to improve your chance for a successful interview. Email your resume to

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