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Integrity, professionalism and teamwork are the cornerstones of how we do business with clients, candidates and among our team. Doing the right thing every day is a priority with everything we do. Based in the Chicago area, we fill positions nationwide. Our strongest areas of focus include accounting and finance positions in all industries, Executive placement in all disciplines, and we have a specialty division for construction industry management positions in operations and finance.


executive search firm

Contingency Search

Paying a fee only if you hire the candidate, can be ideal in many situations. Knowing the right questions to ask, we can help you determine what works best for you and your firm’s situation to get the best candidate in the seat in a reasonable time frame.

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executive search firm

Retained Search

When you need consistent effort applied to finding talent for a specific role, until it’s filled, a retained or modified-retained effort is the best strategy. We offer multiple types of affordable retainer situations to ensure you’ve conducted a thorough search for a key role.

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executive search firm

Reference & Screening Services

According to a Wall Street Journal article, 61% of HR professionals said they often or sometimes find resume inaccuracies.  Today it’s more vital than ever to ensure the candidate you want to hire has provided accurate information, and we take that seriously.  Often a tedious and time sensitive, we use special vendors and an efficient process to compile and provide this information to you.

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executive search firm

Interim & Special Project Staffing

When your company is growing, or during peak workload periods, interim/temporary staffing can sometimes be the perfect answer to work load headaches.  In some cases, temp to hire can also be a valid long term hiring strategy. By performing a thorough diagnosis, we can tell you what makes the most sense for your situation without wasting time and money.

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executive search firm

Welcome to
DK Cole Company, Your Executive Search Firm

When you need to add, replace or upgrade a Senior Management role, in any discipline from CFO to VP of Operations, or any accounting or financial position at any level, DK Cole provides various levels of recruiting and placement services to meet your needs. We offer deep expertise in multiple disciplines at the executive level as well as accounting/finance (all industries). Our team approach, together with our thorough, efficient six-step recruiting process, helps improve the quality and speed of finding the right candidate. So you get the talent you need in a reasonable time frame without sacrificing technical skill or cultural fit within your organization.

We have worked with DK Cole over the past two years in both the employment market and as a human resources sounding board. They have a superior understanding of the marketplace and are adept at fitting the right person with the right firm.

- Managing Partner CPA Firm - Client 

Your recruiter is an amazing talent scout. . . His first priority is identifying high potential professionals with a high level of leadership capability.

 - CEO, Private Equity Firm – Client

Your recruiter is the ultimate professional. DK Cole was one of three search firms which recently provided us with candidates for a job opportunity. DK Cole referred several quality candidates and in the end we hired one of her references. She also followed up after the hire to ensure a great fit for both our company and the employee. We would hire DK Cole for our future search needs.

- Owner, Mechanical Contractor - Client

DK Cole took the time to understand, not just the technical aspect of our position, but the ‘management style’ and cultural values we needed to make progress with that position, and it paid off with the right fit.

 - CFO, Public Insurance Company - Client

I’ve worked with DK Cole  for many years, and their knowledge of the employment market within the accounting and construction industries far exceeds my expectations. Our firm has used DK Cole for two searches, and each time she worked to understand the culture and technical needs of our firm and delivered excellent candidates. She operates with a high level of integrity always ensuring that the candidates presented will be the right “fit” both for the candidate and the client.

Managing Partner–CPA Firm - Client

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